Is Westgate Timeshare Worth It

Westgate Resorts, a well-established timeshare brand, offers individuals and families the opportunity to experience affordable luxury and plan their dream vacation. With over 40 years of growth and expansion, Westgate Resorts provides a variety of accommodations and amenities at 27 resorts across the country. Their spacious timeshare units, averaging 1030 square feet, feature fully equipped […]

How Can I Sell My Westgate Timeshare

The process of selling or renting a Westgate timeshare can be complex and challenging, as owners need to navigate through scammers and questionable resale programs. In order to make an informed decision, owners should consider factors such as title company costs, market value, and tax implications. While Westgate does not have a known resale program, […]

Can I Sell My Timeshare Back To Westgate

This article discusses the possibility of selling one’s timeshare back to Westgate Resorts, a major timeshare company. Unfortunately, Westgate will not purchase a timeshare back from its owners, though they may be able to assist in the sale of the timeshare to another party. Thus, the answer to the question posed in the title of […]