Can You Be Forced To Inherit A Timeshare

This article focuses on the issue of timeshare inheritance. Specifically, it answers the question: “Can You Be Forced To Inherit A Timeshare?”. The answer to this question is no; a person cannot be forced to inherit a timeshare. The article discusses various scenarios in which this could be the case, such as when a timeshare […]

Are Timeshare Contracts In Perpetuity Legal

This article examines the legal aspects of timeshare contracts in perpetuity. It explains that while a timeshare contract in perpetuity may be legal, they are often heavily criticized due to the difficulty of cancelling them. The article concludes that, while timeshare contracts in perpetuity are legal, they are often highly unfavorable to the consumer. In […]

What Happens If I Inherit A Timeshare

This article explores what happens when someone inherits a timeshare. It explains that it depends on the terms of the timeshare, but typically the beneficiary needs to pay the yearly fees and other expenses that come with the timeshare, even if they don’t wish to use it. However, it is possible to cancel the inherited […]