What Are Timeshare Points

This article provides an overview of the concept of timeshare points, which are used by timeshare owners to purchase, trade, and use timeshare weeks at timeshare resorts. Timeshare points are a form of currency that can be exchanged for timeshare weeks, and owners can use them to purchase or trade timeshare weeks in any timeshare […]

How Much Do Timeshare Points Cost

This article looks at the cost of timeshare points, which are a measure of how much you are entitled to use a timeshare. On average, timeshare points cost between $14 and $22 per point, but the exact cost depends on the timeshare property, season, and any promotions. Overall, timeshare points can be an expensive investment, […]

How Does Timeshare Points Work

This article explains how a timeshare points system works. Points are awarded to owners based on how long they have owned the timeshare and how much it is worth. These points can then be used to purchase additional services, such as vacations or upgrades within the same resort. Yes, timeshare points can be used to […]