What Happened To Interval International

This article gives an overview of Interval International, a company that focused on timeshare exchange services. The article states that Interval International was acquired by the Wyndham Group in 2006, and the services it offered were integrated into the Wyndham Group’s portfolio. It goes on to explain the current status of Wyndham’s timeshare exchange services, […]

How Interval International Works

This article explains how Interval International works – an exchange network connecting timeshare owners, developers, and resorts around the world. It provides timeshare owners with points-based access to more than 3,000 resorts, as well as exclusive benefits such as discounts, deals, and promotions. Interval International also provides a variety of services, including the ability to […]

Interval International New Zealand

Interval International New Zealand is a vacation ownership exchange provider. It offers timeshare owners the opportunity to trade their existing timeshare for another week or unit located at one of their affiliated resorts in other destinations around the world. Yes, Interval International New Zealand is a timeshare cancelation service.

How Does Interval International Exchange Work

This article explains how Interval International Exchange (IIE) works. IIE is a service that allows timeshare owners to exchange their timeshare weeks or points for other vacation destinations. Through IIE, timeshare owners have access to hundreds of resorts worldwide that are available for exchange. The answer to the question is yes, IIE does allow timeshare […]

Can I Join Interval International Without Owning A Timeshare

Yes, you can join Interval International without owning a timeshare. This article provides an overview of Interval International, a timeshare exchange service, and what a membership entails. It also outlines the benefits of joining the program, such as being able to access more than 3,200 resorts around the world, as well as the possibility of […]

How Does Interval International Work

This article explains how Interval International, a timeshare exchange service, works. It provides information about the benefits of being a member, such as access to over 3000 resorts, the ability to trade timeshares with other members, and a discounted rental program. It also describes the process of how to join Interval International and how to […]

How Do Getaways Work With Interval International

This article explains how Getaways work with Interval International, a leading provider of timeshare exchange services. Interval International allows members to use their points, weeks, or other ownership interest for a Getaway, which is a short-term stay at a resort either at a discounted rate or in exchange for points. Getaways can be booked at […]