Did Diamond Resorts Get Bought Out

This article examines whether Diamond Resorts, a popular timeshare company, was bought out or not. The answer to this question is no – Diamond Resorts is still a publicly traded company and is not owned by another entity. The article provides an overview of the company’s history and current standing in the timeshare industry.

What Company Owns Diamond Resorts

This article provides an answer to the question of who owns Diamond Resorts: Diamond Resorts is owned by Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm. Apollo acquired Diamond Resorts in 2018, making it the world’s largest vacation ownership company. Not only does Diamond Resorts own vacation resorts in the United States, but it also owns […]

Who Owns Diamond Resorts Now

This article examines the current ownership structure of Diamond Resorts, one of the largest providers of timeshare and vacation ownership services in the world. Following a series of recent acquisitions, the company is now owned by Apollo Global Management, a leading asset management firm. Apollo Global Management, through various subsidiaries, now controls the majority of […]