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This article provides a sample rescission letter for timeshare owners who wish to cancel their contracts. The letter includes guidance on what needs to be included in the letter and how to send it to the timeshare company. Yes, it is a sample rescission letter.


As a timeshare owner, it’s important to know how to cancel your contract if you no longer wish to be a part of the program. This article provides a sample rescission letter that you can use to cancel your timeshare. It includes clear guidance on what needs to be included in the letter and how to send it to the timeshare company. Taking the time to write and submit a rescission letter can help you effectively end your timeshare contract in a legally binding way. By taking the time to write and submit a rescission letter, you can ensure that your timeshare weeks are no longer held under contract and you can move on with your life.

Overview of Timeshare Cancellation

When it comes to timeshare cancellation, having the right information and resources is key. Knowing the proper steps to take, including having a sample rescission letter, can make all the difference. With the right letter, you can terminate your timeshare contract and be on your way to a timeshare-free life. This article will provide you with a sample rescission letter and all the information you need to send it to the timeshare company.

What Is a Sample Rescission Letter for Timeshare Cancellation?

A sample rescission letter is an important tool for timeshare owners who wish to terminate their contract. It should include the relevant information that is required by the timeshare company, such as your timeshare contract details and the reasons for termination. Make sure to include a signature and the date of the letter to make it official. Finally, be sure to send the letter to the appropriate address of the timeshare company and keep proof of your delivery. Once the rescission letter is complete, it should be used as a sample of letter of intent to cancel timeshare purchase when contacting the timeshare company.

Understanding the Terminology

It’s important to understand the terminology associated with timeshare cancellation before writing a rescission letter. For example, ‘rescission’ means the cancellation of a contract, which is what you would be doing if you decide to cancel your timeshare. This should be included in your letter, as it’s a formal way of informing the timeshare company that you are cancelling the contract. Additionally, make sure to include the date that the contract was signed and the date that the rescission period ends.

What Needs to Be Included in a Rescission Letter

Writing a rescission letter can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to understanding the terminology and what needs to be included. When crafting your letter, it’s important to include your name and contact information, the date, the name of the timeshare company and the address, a statement of your intention to cancel the contract, the date of the contract and any other relevant information. Be sure to include your signature, as well as a copy of the original contract to ensure that your rescission letter is valid.

Writing a Sample Rescission Letter

Writing a sample rescission letter is the first step in canceling your timeshare contract. To ensure that all of your rights are fully protected, it is important to include key information in your letter. First, clearly state that you are exercising your right to rescind and provide the date of the contract, the name of the timeshare company, and the name and address of the original purchaser. Additionally, include a copy of the original contract and any other relevant documents. Finally, make sure the letter is sent to the correct address and is postmarked within the cancellation period.

Formatting the Letter

When formatting your rescission letter, it’s important to make sure all of your information is clear and concise. Use a business letter format, with a professional font and size, and make sure your name, address, and contact information are included. Additionally, make sure to state the date and the timeshare’s name and address. This will help ensure your rescission letter is received and the timeshare company understands your request. For reference, you can find a sample of cancellation letter for timeshare here.

Content of the Letter

The content of the letter should include your name and address as well as the date of the timeshare contract. It should also include a statement that you are rescinding your contract and that you are exercising your right to cancel it. Be sure to include a copy of your contract and any relevant documents. Finally, make sure that you sign the letter and keep a copy for your records. For an example of how to format your timeshare cancellation letter, you can refer to a timeshare cancellation letter example.

Sending the Rescission Letter

The most important part of the rescission letter is to make sure it is sent in the correct way. It is important that timeshare owners send the letter via certified mail with return receipt requested, so they have proof it was sent and received. This will ensure that the timeshare company is aware of the rescission and that the owner will have a record of the request. Additionally, it is important that the letter includes all of the necessary information and is sent in a timely manner. For more information on how to write a timeshare rescission letter, owners may use the timeshare cancel letter template available on the website.


It is important to time the sending of your rescission letter carefully. In some states, you have a 5-10 day window from the day you sign the contract to cancel and submit your rescission letter. Make sure to include a postmark that is within the timeframe for cancellation. Additionally, if you are submitting your letter electronically, make sure to include a timestamp that is within the cancellation window. Don’t let the timeframe for cancellation pass without sending your rescission letter to cancel your timeshare contract.


When crafting your rescission letter, make sure you include all the necessary information. Be clear and concise, and explain why you are canceling your timeshare in the letter. Additionally, make sure you mail the letter in a timely manner, as well as include a return receipt so you are able to prove the letter was sent. Lastly, keep a copy of the letter for your records. Following these tips can make the process of cancelling your timeshare as smooth as possible. Be aware that there may be fees associated with cancelling your timeshare, such as a marriott vacation club cost.


In conclusion, if you are a timeshare owner who wishes to cancel your contract, I encourage you to use the sample rescission letter provided in this article. Reviewing the letter and understanding what needs to be included, as well as the correct way to send it, will help ensure that your timeshare cancellation process is done correctly. Taking a few extra steps to ensure you cancel your contract in the right way can save you a great deal of time and effort in the long run.

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