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This article discusses Worldmark Victoria Bc, a timeshare resort located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It is a popular destination for travelers who want to enjoy the scenery of the city as well as the many activities offered. The article covers the resort’s amenities, such as swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers. It also offers an overview of the timeshare cancellation process and how it can be beneficial to those looking to cancel their contracts. The answer to the question is yes, Worldmark Victoria Bc is a timeshare resort.


As a traveler, you may be considering staying at Worldmark Victoria Bc for your next vacation. Located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, this timeshare resort offers a range of amenities, including swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers. Plus, if you decide to cancel your timeshare contract, you can rest assured that the cancellation process is straightforward and hassle-free. So, if you’re looking for a luxurious stay in a vibrant destination, Worldmark Victoria Bc is the ideal choice.

Overview of Worldmark Victoria Bc

Worldmark Victoria Bc is the perfect destination for a timeshare vacation. With its stunning scenery and abundance of activities, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. With two swimming pools, a spa and fitness center, you’ll find everything you need to make your time in Victoria enjoyable. Plus, when it comes to timeshare cancellation, Worldmark Victoria Bc offers a comprehensive process that makes it easy to cancel contracts and get out of timeshare agreements.


Worldmark Victoria Bc is the perfect place for travelers looking to relax and enjoy some of the finest amenities around. The resort offers a variety of swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers for guests to take advantage of. Plus, the timeshare cancellation process is easy to understand and can be beneficial for those looking to end their contracts. Whether you’re looking to take a dip in the pool, relax in the spa, or work out in the fitness center, Worldmark Victoria Bc has something for everyone. No matter what kind of vacation experience you’re looking for, Worldmark Victoria Bc can provide it!

Swimming Pools

At Worldmark Victoria Bc, you can enjoy the convenience of having access to a swimming pool right at your fingertips. The resort offers two outdoor pools and two indoor pools, so you can take a dip no matter what the weather is like outside. The pools are well-maintained and the staff is friendly and helpful. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful morning swim or a fun pool party with friends, Worldmark Victoria Bc is the perfect place for you. At Worldmark The Club Victoria Bc, you can take advantage of all the amenities and facilities the resort has to offer, from the swimming pools to the other recreational activities.


At Worldmark Victoria Bc, you can take some time to relax in the resort’s luxurious spas. The spas offer a variety of treatments and massages, tailored to fit the needs of each guest. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, or just want to pamper yourself with some rest and relaxation, the spas at Worldmark Victoria Bc are the perfect place to do just that. With the vast array of services available, you will be sure to find something to suit your needs. No matter what your needs may be, Worldmark Victoria Bc has the perfect spa experience to offer you.

Fitness Centers

At Worldmark Victoria Bc, you’ll find a range of fitness centers, perfect for those looking to stay active during their vacation. From high-tech gyms to outdoor activities, there’s something to suit everyone’s fitness needs. For those looking to get a full-body workout, the resort’s fitness centers offer treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, and more. For those looking for something more scenic, there are plenty of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, cycling, and hiking, that will help you get your heart pumping. No matter what your fitness goals are, Worldmark Victoria Bc has something for you. “For an even more luxurious experience, the resort is part of the RCI Vacation Club, offering exclusive benefits to members such as access to more fitness centers and outdoor activities.”

Timeshare Cancellation Process

If you’re looking to cancel your timeshare contract, it’s important to understand the process and what options are available to you. Worldmark Victoria Bc offers a timeshare cancellation process that is designed to be both simple and effective. The resort can provide guidance and assistance throughout the process, helping you make an informed decision about canceling your contract. They offer clear and concise information, so you can make the most of your timeshare cancellation experience.


If you’re looking to cancel your timeshare contract, you should definitely consider Worldmark Victoria Bc. This popular timeshare resort in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has a lot to offer, including swimming pools, spas, and fitness centers. Plus, the timeshare cancellation process is simple and straightforward, making it easier for those looking to break their contracts. So if you’re ready to move on from your timeshare, make sure you look into Worldmark Victoria Bc for an easy cancellation process. Plus, Worldmark by Wyndham Victoria is a member of the Wyndham Vacation Ownership network, so you can be sure you’ll get the best service available when cancelling your timeshare contract.

Benefits of Cancellation

Canceling a timeshare contract can be a great way to free up some extra funds for other activities or investments. It can also provide some peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about maintaining the property in the future. People who are looking to cancel their timeshare contracts at Worldmark Victoria Bc should be aware of the various benefits that come with doing so. Not only will they be able to avoid costly annual maintenance fees, but they will also be able to take advantage of the additional savings that come with canceling their contracts. By canceling their timeshare contract, they can also take advantage of other RCI points resorts and the extra benefits of being a member of the RCI Exchange Vacation Network.


In conclusion, timeshare cancellation can be a great way to save money and enjoy a new travel experience. The amenities that Worldmark Victoria Bc has to offer make it an ideal location to consider when planning a timeshare vacation. By understanding the cancellation process and taking advantage of the advantages it provides, travelers can save money and enjoy the beauty of Victoria, British Columbia.

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