Welcome to CancelTimeshareGeek.com! We are a dedicated team of timeshare cancellation experts who are seriously passionate about helping timeshare owners review all the available options for getting out of your timeshare contract.  

We have over 20 years of combined experience in the timeshare cancellation industry, and have helped thousands of individuals get into contact with some of the best timeshare cancellation companies. Our mission is to help all the owners that feel that they are stuck in a financial burden due to a timeshare purchase. We understand that cancelling a timeshare can be a tricky situation with lots of unknowns. We are here to answer  all of your questions and advise you with all the best options available.

Our Timeshare Geek: Matthew Lee

Our founder of CancelTimeshareGeek.com is Matthew Lee. He began his career as a financial advisor for Merrill Edge in 2006 after graduating from Georgia State University. Matthew discovered the lies of the timeshare industry when he went to a timeshare presentation in 2008. They told Matthew that a timeshare could be a great investment. The sales-rep told him he could rent out his timeshare and make extra money while being able to travel anywhere he wants at anytime. Matthew soon found himself in a tough situation and couldn’t believe the lies that were told to get him to purchase a timeshare. He was embarrassed that he bought timeshare and knowing how bad of an investment it was. This drove him to find a solution for his situation. 

Timeshare cancellation was a very foreign thing at the time, and it was much more difficult to find a reliable cancellation company in 2009. Matthew made it his mission to help people in a similar situation get the help they need to exit out of their timeshare contract reliably. Thanks to the bad decision Matthew made when buying a timeshare in 2008, CancelTimeshareGeek.com was born to help anyone out of a timeshare burden once and for all.

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