How Does Marriott Timeshare Work

This article provides an overview of how Marriott’s timeshare program works. It explains that there are two types of timeshares: points-based and fixed-week timeshares. Points-based timeshares allow owners to use their points to purchase hotel stays or other vacation accommodations. Fixed-week timeshares provide owners with a specific week of use, usually in a specific unit […]

How Do Marriott Vacation Club Points Work

This article explains how Marriott Vacation Club Points work – specifically how points can be used to book Marriott stays, how long points remain valid for, and how to purchase additional points if needed. It also answers the question of how many points are required for each stay, outlining the different points packages available to […]

How Does Marriott Vacation Club Work

This article provides an overview of how Marriott Vacation Club works. It explains that customers can purchase a deeded or right-to-use vacation ownership property through the Club, which grants them access to exclusive resorts and amenities. Marriott Vacation Club also offers a points-based reservation system, allowing customers to exchange their points for stays at any […]

Marriott Vacation Club How It Works

This article provides an overview of how the Marriott Vacation Club works. It explains the various membership levels and provides insight into the different benefits and services of each level. It also explains the process for booking and cancelling reservations at the club and provides answers to frequently asked questions about the club. In short, […]