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Westgate Resorts, a well-established timeshare brand, offers individuals and families the opportunity to experience affordable luxury and plan their dream vacation.

With over 40 years of growth and expansion, Westgate Resorts provides a variety of accommodations and amenities at 27 resorts across the country.

Their spacious timeshare units, averaging 1030 square feet, feature fully equipped kitchens and private bedrooms.

Complimentary resort amenities, accessed through a VIP card, further enhance the vacation experience.

Westgate Resorts also offer flexibility through partnership with Interval International or RCI, allowing owners to explore different destinations.

While purchasing directly from the resort can be costly, buyers can find more cost-effective options in the resale market.

With the assistance of timeshare consultants and the marketplace’s calculators, individuals can discover affordable luxury and make offers to acquire their dream vacation accommodation.

With convenient locations in every major travel destination, Westgate Resorts promises exceptional amenities, beautiful features, and unique experiences to create unforgettable memories.

Key Takeaways

  • Westgate Resorts is a well-known and popular timeshare brand in the vacation industry.
  • They offer a wide range of accommodations and amenities at their 27 resorts across the country.
  • Timeshares provide spacious units with fully equipped kitchens and private bedrooms, averaging at 1030 square feet.
  • The marketplace offers low-cost options for purchasing Westgate timeshares, including resale options.

Why Choose Westgate?

When considering vacation options, Westgate Resorts stands out as a compelling choice due to its extensive range of accommodations and amenities, making it an attractive option for individuals and families seeking cost-effective luxury.

With over 14,000 villas at 27 resorts across the country, Westgate Resorts offers ample choices for travelers. The resorts provide spacious units with fully equipped kitchens and private bedrooms, allowing guests to enjoy the comforts of home while on vacation.

Additionally, Westgate Resorts offer a variety of complimentary amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and game rooms, ensuring that guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Whether it’s relaxing on a sunny beach or exploring snow-capped mountains, Westgate Resorts provides unique experiences at each destination. The brand’s exceptional amenities and beautiful features further enhance the vacation experience, making Westgate Resorts a top choice for those seeking affordable luxury.

Variety of Destinations

A range of destinations is available for travelers to choose from within the Westgate Resorts portfolio. Whether you prefer sunny beaches or snow-capped mountains, Westgate has a location to suit your preferences. With resorts in every major travel destination in the country, you can explore a variety of experiences and make lasting memories. Each destination offers unique amenities and accommodations, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay. To provide a glimpse of the diverse options available, here are four of the popular Westgate Resorts destinations:

Westgate Vacation Villas ResortKissimmee, FLMini golf course, movie theater
Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront ResortMyrtle Beach, SCGame room, hot tub
Westgate Smoky Mountain ResortGatlinburg, TNFully-equipped villas, near Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Westgate Park City Resort & SpaPark City, UTSki-in/ski-out access, spa facilities

No matter which destination you choose, Westgate Resorts offers affordable luxury and exceptional experiences for individuals and families alike.

Flexible Ownership Options

One option for potential timeshare owners is to explore the flexible ownership options available. Westgate Resorts offers a range of ownership options that cater to different vacation needs and preferences.

Here are some key features of their flexible ownership options:

  • Points-based ownership: Westgate Resorts offers a points-based ownership system, allowing owners to customize their vacations based on their desired destination, travel dates, and accommodation size.
  • Exchange programs: Owners have the flexibility to exchange their timeshare for a vacation at another Westgate Resorts property or through affiliated exchange companies like Interval International or RCI, expanding their travel options.
  • Additional points purchase: Resale owners can also purchase additional points on the secondary market to enhance their vacation experience and access more benefits.
  • Rental options: Owners can choose to rent out their timeshare if they are unable to use it, providing potential income and maximizing the value of their ownership.
  • Legacy options: Westgate Resorts offers legacy options, allowing owners to pass down their timeshare to future generations, creating lasting memories for their families.

With these flexible ownership options, Westgate Resorts provides a versatile and customizable vacation experience for timeshare owners.

Exceptional Amenities

The exceptional amenities provided by Westgate Resorts enhance the vacation experience for timeshare owners.

Each resort offers a range of amenities designed to cater to the needs and preferences of guests.

At Westgate Vacation Villas Resort, for example, guests can enjoy a mini golf course, movie theater, and multiple pools.

Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort offers a tranquil vacation experience with amenities such as a game room, hot tub, and beach access.

The convenience of Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort is further enhanced by its fully-equipped villas and proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

These amenities not only provide entertainment and relaxation opportunities but also contribute to the overall comfort and enjoyment of guests.

With a focus on creating memorable experiences, Westgate Resorts ensures that their amenities meet the highest standards of quality and satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Accommodations

Cost-effective accommodations are a key feature of Westgate Resorts’ timeshare offerings. With the increasing popularity of timeshares, Westgate Resorts provides affordable luxury to vacationers seeking spacious units with fully equipped kitchens and private bedrooms. Here are four reasons why Westgate Resorts’ accommodations are cost-effective:

  1. Size: Westgate timeshare units have an average size of 1030 square feet, providing ample space for families or larger groups compared to traditional hotel rooms.
  2. Resale options: Resale timeshares are a more cost-effective choice than buying directly from the resort. The marketplace offers low-cost options for Westgate timeshares, allowing buyers to find their dream vacation property at a fraction of the original price.
  3. Maintenance fees: Timeshare units are well-maintained through regular maintenance fees paid by owners. This ensures that the accommodations remain in good condition, offering a high-quality vacation experience at an affordable cost.
  4. Additional points: Although resale owners may have restrictions, they have the option to purchase additional points on the secondary market. This allows them to access more benefits and amenities, enhancing their vacation experience without breaking the bank.

Overall, Westgate Resorts’ cost-effective accommodations provide a great value for money, allowing vacationers to enjoy luxury and spaciousness at an affordable price.

Convenient Locations

Conveniently situated in major travel destinations, Westgate Resorts’ timeshare locations offer accessibility and proximity to a variety of attractions and activities.

Whether you’re looking for a sunny beach getaway or a snow-capped mountain retreat, Westgate Resorts has a location to suit your preferences. From the tranquil Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort with its game room and hot tub, to the modern accommodations of the Vacation Villas Resort with amenities like a mini golf course and movie theater, each destination offers a unique vacation experience.

Additionally, Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort, located near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, provides fully-equipped villas for those seeking outdoor adventures.

With locations in every major travel destination in the country, Westgate Resorts ensures that guests have easy access to a range of amenities and attractions, making their dream vacation come true.

Helpful Timeshare Consultants

Timeshare consultants are available to provide guidance and assistance throughout the timeshare purchasing process. These consultants are well-versed in the intricacies of the timeshare industry and can offer valuable insights to potential buyers.

They can help individuals navigate through the various options available and find the best timeshare that suits their needs and preferences. Consultants can answer any questions and address concerns that potential buyers may have, ensuring that they make an informed decision.

They can also assist with negotiations and help buyers understand the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement. With their expertise, timeshare consultants play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and seamless buying experience for individuals looking to invest in a Westgate timeshare.

Low-Cost Resale Options

One option for purchasing a Westgate timeshare at a lower price is to consider resale options. Resale timeshares are properties that are being sold by existing owners rather than directly from the resort. These properties are often priced lower than buying directly from the resort, providing an opportunity for buyers to save money.

However, it is important to note that there may be restrictions for resale owners, such as limited access to certain benefits or amenities. Additionally, buyers should be aware of the maintenance fees associated with owning a timeshare, as these fees are necessary to keep the units in good condition.

The marketplace offers a variety of Westgate timeshare resorts, allowing buyers to browse and make an offer on their desired property. Timeshare consultants are also available to assist buyers throughout the purchasing process, ensuring a smooth and informed transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to purchase a Westgate timeshare?

The cost of purchasing a Westgate timeshare varies depending on factors such as the specific resort location, unit size, and time of year.

However, it is generally more cost-effective to purchase a resale timeshare rather than buying directly from the resort. Resale timeshares can be found at lower prices and offer similar benefits and amenities.

Additionally, Westgate Resorts may have restrictions for resale owners, but it is possible to purchase additional points on the secondary market to access certain benefits.

Are there any additional fees or maintenance costs associated with owning a Westgate timeshare?

Yes, there are additional fees and maintenance costs associated with owning a Westgate timeshare.

These fees are used to cover the expenses of maintaining and operating the resort, including housekeeping, landscaping, property taxes, and general upkeep.

The exact amount of these fees can vary depending on the size and location of the timeshare, but they are typically paid annually.

It is important for potential owners to factor in these costs when considering the overall affordability of a Westgate timeshare.

Can I use my Westgate timeshare to travel to destinations outside of the United States?

Yes, Westgate timeshare owners can use their timeshare to travel to destinations outside of the United States.

Westgate Resorts is affiliated with Interval International and RCI, which are exchange companies that allow timeshare owners to exchange their week for a vacation at other resorts worldwide.

This provides owners with the flexibility to explore different destinations and experience international vacations.

However, it is important to note that availability and exchange fees may apply when using a Westgate timeshare for international travel.

Are there any restrictions on when and how often I can use my Westgate timeshare?

There are some restrictions on the usage of a Westgate timeshare. Owners are typically allowed a certain number of weeks or points that can be used for vacation accommodations each year. These restrictions may vary depending on the specific timeshare ownership agreement.

In addition, there may be blackout dates or peak seasons when usage is limited. It is important for owners to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of their timeshare ownership to understand the restrictions on when and how often they can use their Westgate timeshare.

Can I rent out my Westgate timeshare if I am unable to use it for a certain period of time?

Yes, you can rent out your Westgate timeshare if you are unable to use it for a certain period of time. Renting out your timeshare can be a practical solution to cover the costs of ownership and avoid potential losses.

However, it is important to check the terms and conditions of your specific timeshare agreement and consult with the resort or a professional rental agency to ensure compliance with any restrictions or regulations.


In conclusion, Westgate Resorts offers individuals and families the opportunity to experience affordable luxury in their dream vacation destinations.

With a wide variety of destinations to choose from and flexible ownership options, Westgate Resorts provides exceptional amenities and cost-effective accommodations.

The convenient locations and helpful timeshare consultants make planning and enjoying a vacation with Westgate Resorts a seamless experience.

Additionally, the low-cost resale options available in the marketplace allow buyers to find their ideal vacation accommodation at a more affordable price.

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