How to Cancel a Wyndham Timeshare

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You are reading this because you want to know how to cancel your Wyndham timeshare. The good news is you are not alone. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of Wyndham timeshare owners looking for ways to get rid of their Wyndham timeshare. One of the many reasons people want to get rid of their Wyndham timeshare is because of the financial burden it imposes.

Before we proceed, did you know that Wyndham is a Florida-based vacation company and one of the most sophisticated in the timeshare industry? This company didn’t earn its place by letting its clients slip out of their timeshare program. Wyndham has most of its capital and power from strategic means, which they utilize to get clients to sign massive contracts that potentially last a lifetime.

As we have seen with most timeshare companies, it is almost impossible to cancel their timeshare program. However, Wyndham does not follow suit. Wyndham is one of the few timeshare companies that offer timeshare cancellations to its clients.

Wyndham timeshare claims to acknowledge the financial strain of keeping up with the annual timeshare expenses and maintenance fee and provides an exit plan for clients who are no longer interested in the timeshare. Nonetheless, most timeshare companies will go so far as to prevent their clients from canceling their timeshare.

If you are feeling terrified because terminating your Wyndham timeshare doesn’t seem feasible, put your mind at ease. There is a solution. This post will find all the information you need to get out of Wyndham timeshare.

Canceling your Wyndham timeshare means terminating your mortgages and maintenance fee. Before you exit your timeshare contract with Wyndham, let’s take a look at what the company really is.

An Introduction to Wyndham Hotels 

Who is the owner of Wyndham hotels? We shall begin by stating that this vacation company is one of the biggest in the world. Some people disagree and say it is the biggest. Wyndham Destinations used to be known as Wyndham Worldwide.

This company gained its name and popularity from its extensive network encompassing over 7000 properties spread across hundreds of countries. Approximately one million owners utilize the opportunities the network Wyndham Destinations presents.

It all started in 1981 when the first Wyndham Hotel was built in Dallas, Texas. Michael Brown has been the CEO and President of Wyndham Destinations since 2017. Surely, this man doesn’t want to lose a dime canceling their timeshare with Wyndham.

Michael Brown was once Hilton Grand Vacations Chief Operating Officer. Since the establishment of the first Wyndham hotel, it has extended its reach and established various vacation brands worldwide, namely:

  • Club Wyndham Plus
  • Club Wyndham
  • WorldMark by Wyndham
  • Wyndham Vacation Rentals
  • Wyndham Extra Holidays

It was under Michael Brown’s leadership in 2018, Wyndham Worldwide Corporation was changed to Wyndham Destinations. (NYSE: WYND). The same year, the company spun off its various hotel divisions and named it Wyndham Hotels and Resorts (NYSE: WH).

That is not all; Wyndham Vacations owns a few timeshare brands which they don’t make so public. Some of them are:

  • Shell Vacation Clubs
  • Resorts Condominiums International (RCI)
  • Margaritaville Club Vacations.

Did Wyndham Scam Me

Do you feel like Wyndham has scammed you? Did you pay for a Wyndham timeshare that feels like an unnecessary expense? You can always know when Wyndham or its subsidiaries scam you. There are common patterns.

Below are ways to know if Wyndham scammed you.

  • If the salesperson or representative pressured you or made you feel uncomfortable or guilty till you made the purchase.
  • If the salesperson or representative told you that making a particular payment is the only way to prevent losing your membership.
  • If the salesperson or representative rushed the closing and didn’t give you enough time to read the contract thoroughly.
  • If a credit card was opened with your details even when you didn’t.
  • If after signing the contract, the amount you discussed with the salesperson or representative is different from what’s in the contract.
  • If you can’t make reservations because Wyndham program points are not working as they should.

If any of the following happened to you, you have most likely been scammed by a fake salesperson or representative. However, you may be in luck if they are a licensed real estate agent. By obligation, a licensed real estate agent must act in your best interest. Therefore, if any of these happens to you, it means they failed in their obligations, and this presents a loophole to get rid of your Wyndham timeshare.

Know Your Rescission Rights 

Did you just buy a timeshare with Wyndham that you want to get out of? Now is the time to implement your rescission right. The rescission rights apply to all Wyndham timeshare owners. The rescission right gives timeshare owners in the United States a period of grace where they can terminate their timeshare membership and get a full refund.

However, you must note that the recission duration varies according to the state law of where you purchased the timeshare. This implies that the rescission period in one state may be different from another. For instance, most states in the United States offer a rescission period of 3 to 14 days; in some states, it may be as long as 30 days. It all depends on the timeshare location and the state law.

If you have yet to determine your rescission period, we advise you to check with your state rescission law as soon as possible. In most cases, the rescission period begins as soon as you sign the contract. In some cases, it may be different. Sometimes, the rescission period begins when we get the Public Offering Statement.

Knowing your rescission period is a valuable tool that can help terminate your Wyndham timeshare contract and save you thousands of dollars. It is always best to know this information before buying the timeshare. To rescind your Wyndham timeshare, you will be required to submit a cancellation letter. The cancellation letter must include;

  • The name of the property.
  • The contact number and address of the property.
  • The letter must clearly state that you want to cancel your Wyndham timeshare.

Here again, we advise that you buy expedited mail so that you don’t encounter any issues. Spending a few dimes can save you thousands. It is worth it. Furthermore, for record purposes, always save a copy or more.

Selling My Wyndham Timeshare

The rescission period is always time-sensitive. It is okay if you missed it. There is another way out of your Wyndham timeshare. Though this may cause you to lose some dollars, you won’t have to pay annual fees anymore.

You can sell your Wyndham timeshare. Before taking this step, it is best to reach out to your Resort. Wyndham offers timeshare exit programs. Wyndham Cares or Ovation are programs that guide timeshare owners to exit the program with repercussions.

If you will be going into the timeshare resale market, it is critical you know it is a tough place. Furthermore, if you are not careful enough, you will lose your timeshare membership along with thousands of dollars. As a timeshare owner, you must note that your timeshare can only be bought if there are no outstanding debts on it.

Notably, finding a Wyndham timeshare buyer can be difficult. However, there are platforms that allow you to list your timeshare. If you will be listing your timeshare on such platforms, conduct your research on them, verify they are legit and don’t pay any upfront fees.

Wyndham Timeshare Cancellation 

This is a program that offers Wyndham timeshare owners options to exit their membership. If you want to sell or get rid of your Wyndham timeshare membership, contact Wyndham Timeshare Cancellation.

Canceling a Wyndham Timeshare 

Did none of the options work for you? Now, let’s reveal the best option. The safest and best way to get out of a Wyndham Timeshare is to do it legally. To this end, we recommend you hire a reputable timeshare cancelation company with legal officers.

These timeshare cancelation companies work alongside their lawyers to look for loopholes and misinterpretations in the timeshare contract that will safely help you get out of the timeshare. Furthermore, when scouting for these companies, you must do thorough research on anyone of interest. You should also make sure the company you are hiring doesn’t charge up-front fees. This way, you are protected from common timeshare scams.

The BBB warns against paying upfront fees to cancel your timeshare. In addition, they insist you only hire companies with escrow payments. This eliminates all the risks of falling victim to timeshare scams.

Final Thoughts

If you insist on terminating your Wyndham timeshare, it is best you do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more financial burden it imposes, and it becomes more difficult to get out of it. However, you must note that to terminate your Wyndham timeshare, you must have no outstanding debts on maintenance and mortgages.